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Reviews of Snow Day!

"More thoughtful, reflective takes on what makes being a kid great. Herman's sense of humor is as keen as ever. Buy with confidence!"
- Tom Peterson, Victory Music Review

"Non-stop fun with an enormous variety of musical sounds and styles, silly voices, and wacky lyrics. There is a lot going on in Herman's music, but it's fun and enjoyable, especially for kids. I would suspect that even an 8-year-old who forgot his Ritalin would sit still and give his undivided attention to an Eric Herman performance. His writing is clearly geared toward elementary-age kids, but there is plenty here for parents to enjoy, too."
- Amy Davis, The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think

"It's taken me awhile -- three albums' worth -- to put my finger on how to describe his music, but I think I've got it -- it's a mixture of Shel Silverstein and the Beatles. If you're a big Shel Silverstein fan, definitely check this out."
- Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

"Herman has his finger on the pulse of what works in writing, producing and performing songs that appeal to children and adults alike."
- John Wood,

"Eric Herman rocks! Fans of Herman's last two children's CDs know they can count on Herman for fun music that transcends the usual insipidity spoon-fed to kids and painfully tolerated by parents in other children's albums. This new album starts out rockin' with the song Melody Ring and keeps up the energy in a variety of styles (with a couple slower songs that save the energy from getting over-the-top.) Snow Day makes for great car listening, a boon anytime of year. Musically, the CD couldn't be more satisfying. Herman and the band perform rock flavored with disco, calypso, surf music, country-western and more with consistent skill and enthusiasm."
- Rebecca Packard, The Entertainer

"Eric Herman's third release for children celebrates unanticipated interruptions in the daily routine, such as finding out that school has been cancelled due to a snow storm. This fun album features a variety of musical styles, from the movement inviting disco "Dance Like an Animal" to the reggae-styled "Hot Sand". Kids will find these songs almost as much fun as an actual snow day!"
- Kirsten Martindale, School Library Journal
Snow Day! is the third CD by Eric Herman and the Invisible Band.  Eric's most upbeat album yet, Snow Day! has 12 tracks including "Hot Sand," "Dance Like an Animal," "Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous," "No Big Deal" and "When I Grow Up."  Snow Day! is not a holiday or winter-time album, but embodies the thrill and fun of an unexpected break from routine.
Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous historical information


Melody Ring
Dance Like an Animal
Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous
I Can't Wait for Summer
Snow Day
No Big Deal
Hot Sand
When I Grow Up
Steve the Superhero
Lucky Day
Hide and Go Seek with the Moon
This Little Light of Mine

Chord: (fret on string) EADGBE (x=don't play 0=open string)
**Some chords are played at different positions on the recordings.

(c) 2005 Words by Kenn Nesbitt
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

(song recorded in D#, use capo or transpose
up a half-step to play along with recording)

D: xx0232
G: 320003
A: x02220
Bm: x24432
F#7: 242322
A#dim: x1202x
A7: x02020

D                         G         A
Melody Ring has a musical family
   D                         A
A musical family has Melody Ring
      G                                D
Her mother likes opera and symphony music
      A                            G            D
and frequently joins in a chorus to sing

      Bm                         G
But Melody Ring doesn't know how to sing
             A                   Bm
She's unable to utter a chirp
      G             F#7                 Bm          A
She opens her mouth with the best of intentions
      G                  A         D
But all that comes out is, "Buuuuurp!"

Melody's father likes country and western
He plays his harmonica all through the day
He picks on his banjo and bows on his fiddle
There's hardly an instrument father can't play

But Melody Ring doesn't play like her dad
She's no good at the trumpet or flute
She picks up an instrument, ready to play
But all that comes out is, "Tooooooot!"

Melody's brother plays electric guitar
He jams with his friends in a rock and roll band
He's also a DJ who scratches and raps
He plays all the songs that his parents can't stand

But Melody Ring isn't cool like her brother
She won't win the Grammy, it's true
She picks up the microphone, ready to rock
But all that comes out is, "Ah-chooooo!"

D                            G           A
Melody's parents are truly embarassed
        D                                    A
They simply don't know what to say or to do
G                  F#7      Bm          A
So they've decided to not say a word
A#dim                          A7                          D   G  A  D
   At least until next year, when Melody turns two

(c) 2005 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

D7: 10 12 10 11 10 10
C7: 8 10 8 9 8 8
B7: 797877
Am7: 575555
Em7: 079787
F: x 8 10 10 10 x

D7  C7  B7  Am7  B7

Em7                         Am7  B7
Dance like an animal
Em7                         C7  B7
Dance like an animal
Em7                         Am7  B7
Dance like an animal
C7                            B7                          Em7
Boogie-woogie all day long like an animal

          Am7                          Em7                 Am7
Do the penguin, do the funky chicken, do the elephant

Do the monkey, do the disco duck, do the crocodile

           F                       Em7
Do the kangaroo, do the cockatoo
           F                                B7
Do the slithering snake, do the hippy hippo shake

(c) 2005 Words by Kenn Nesbitt
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Dm: x57765
C: x3555x
G: 355433
A: 577655
Bb: x1333x
F: 133211
D: x5777x

Dm                 C           G                        A
I can't wait for summer, I'll have so much fun
Dm               Bb               F                   A
Every day I'll run and play outside in the sun
Dm                 C           G                    A
I can't wait for summer, jumping in the pool
Bb                      F                       A
Taking hikes and riding bikes, how cool!

D       A      C        G     Bb       C         D
I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait for summer.

I can't wait for summer, camping at The Lakes
Waterskis and climbing trees and scaring girls with snakes
I can't wait for summer, fireworks at night
Playing tag and Capture the Flag, alright!

I can't wait for summer, sandals on my feet
Finding shade and lemonade to try and beat the heat-
I can't wait for summer, but here's what seems so cruel
Today is just the first day of school...

(c) 2005 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Em: 022000
D: xx0232
Bm: x24432
F#m: 244222
E7: 020100
A: x02220
A7: x02020
A#dim: x1202x
Bm7: x24232
F7: 131211
F#7: 242322
G7: 353433
G#7: 464544
D7: xx0212
G: 320003
Gm: 355333

    Em                                      D
He wore a purple mask, orange pants and mint green boots.
     Em                                          D
His hat was big, his mustache even bigger.
      Bm                                                F#m
The sheriff from that Old West town sure looked like quite a hoot.
           E7                                            A                  A7
But his eye was sharp, his finger always ready on that trigger.

A7                     A#dim                   Bm7              E7
Why his name is not well-known? It's hard to say, I guess...
E7         F7         F#7      G7        G#7       A7

D                               A
Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous
       A7                                         D
The greatest man who ever wore a badge out in the West
     D               D7               G                     Gm
He had a lousy name, so he never got much fame...
Others got more credit,
                  A7                                          D
but Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous was the best

Em                                   D
Riding on a train bound for Reno
       Em                                      D
Two outlaws came on and tried to make off with the gold
      Bm                                         F#m
But when the sheriff opened up the bathroom door
     E7                                           A7
He knocked both them outlaws out cold

Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous
The greatest man who ever shot a can out of the sky
He had a lousy name, so he never got much fame...
Others got the credit
but Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous was the guy

And he could sing, too...

G             D              A              D
(yodeling)  Yee-haw!   (yodeling)  Yee-haw!
G            D               A7
(yodeling)  Yee-haw!

They say he had a horse he named Horsie
And he could ride her clear over wide ravines
When they asked him how she could jump so far
He said he fed her nothing else but campfire beans

Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous
The greatest man who ever shoveled hay out of a stall
He had a lousy name, so he never got much fame...
Others got more credit
but Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous did it all

      Em                                   D
The legend says he died age of ninety
     Em                                  D
by chokin' on a twig he had between his teeth
             D                       D7
It took a ten foot stone to fit his name
          G                                  Gm
at the place where they laid his bones
It read, "Here lies the greatest cowboy that ever lived-
A7                              D
Bergaleoukaleopaleous Jones"

(c) 2005 Words by Kenn Nesbitt
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

D: x5777x
G: 355433
A: 577655
Bb: 688766
G: 355433
B: 799877
C: 8 10 10 9 8 8
E: x7999x
F: x 8 10 10 10 x
F#: x 9 11 11 11 x
G*: x 10 12 12 12 x
G#: x 11 13 13 13 x
A*: x 12 14 14 14 x
A#: x 13 15 15 15 x

D                             G           A
Snow day. Fred said, "All play! Let's sled.
D                             G             A
No school. Just snow. Way cool! Let's go."

Bb                       A         
Fred ran in shed.  Had plan.  Got sled.
G                            A
"Go slow," Mom said. "I know," said Fred.
Bb     B              C           B
Uphill went Fred. Downhill Fred sped.
Bb                             E
Sled streaked on past. Mom shrieked, "Too fast!"
F               F#               G*     G#   A*   A#
Snow blew. "Can't see!" Fred flew, hit tree.

D                               G           A
Sled bent. Fred's head got dent. Poor Fred.
D                           G       A      D
He cried. Now plays inside snow days.

(c) 2006 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

A: x02220
F#m: 244222
D: xx0232
E: 022100
C#m: x46654

A                                    F#m
My toothbrush fell into the toilet when I flushed
D                        A
No big deal, I had already brushed
A                               F#m
My baby sister painted on my bedroom wall
D                              E
No big deal, it doesn't look too bad at all
It's okay, I'm okay

A                       E       D   A                                 D   E
Anything that happens now couldn't change the way I feel
A                       E     D   E
Everything will be alright, all that stuff is no big deal

I tripped and fell and hurt myself in gym today
No big deal, I had fun anyway
I broke a string on my guitar for show and tell
No big deal, I still played it pretty well

D                                 C#m
Little things like that can take you by surprise
D                                   E
It's no big deal if you just realize it's no big deal...

(c) 2001 Words and Music by Geof Johnson

E: 022100
A: x02220
B: x2444x
F#: 244322
E7: 022130

E                  A               B                           E
I was walkin' in the sand. I was lookin' for an ice cream stand.
E                             A            B                      E
The sun was hot and so was I. There was not a cloud in the sky.
F#                                              B
Without warning I stepped upon a patch of sand right in the sun.
Hot sand!

I walked on for a while. Sang a tune and began to smile.
A seagull sang along with me. We were happy as we could be.
I saw a shortcut I could take. That's when I made my mistake.

I finally made it to the store. My feet were hot and really sore.
I bought a drink, cold and sweet. Then I poured it on my feet.
Boy, it's tough, I'm tellin' you,
when you find you're walkin' through hot sand!

(c) 2005 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

G: 320003
B7: x2120x
Em: 022000
C: x32010
A7: x02020
Bm7b5: x2323x
Ebdim+: xx1213
Edim:    xx2323
D: xx0232
Am7: x02010

                   G  B7           Em          C
When I grow up I wanna be ten feet tall
             G                                  B7                        C   A7
So I can make a slam dunk every time playing basketball
                     G         Bm7b5
And when I'm walking anywhere
                 Ebdim+                     Edim
People say, "Hey dude, how's the weather up there?
   G                        D                      G
I wanna be ten feet tall, when I grow up

When I grow up I wanna have a zillion bucks
So I can buy lots of candy, toys and monster trucks
I'll give half away to everyone
Then buy a laser-guided, super-powered water gun
I wanna have a zillion bucks when I grow up

D                                                C   G                     Am7  G
When I grow up everything will be great, I'll stay up so late
              C                             D
And I will not have to eat things I really hate (like mushrooms)

When I grow up I wanna be a superman
So I can be a real hero and stop every evil plan
And when they see me going by
People say, "Look at that dude fly!"
I wanna be a superman when I grow up

When I grow up everything will be great, but I have to wait
Sometimes, it's hard being only thirty-eight

(c) 2005 Words by Kenn Nesbitt
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Bm: x24xxx
D: x54xxx
C#: x43xxx
C: x32xxx
Em: 02xxx
G: 35xxx

       Bm                                      D
He's Steve the Superhero and you simply won't believe
      C#                C             Bm
The powers he possesses by merely being Steve
His smile can crack a mirror and his breath can make you faint
And when he takes his socks off it's been known to peel the paint.

Em   G        Bm
Steve Superhero

The power in his underarms can make a grown man cry.
A single burp can make you want to crawl away and die.

(middle break tab)

---- 2 3 4 3 2 ----
2 5  ---------- 5 2    same riff starting at E and F#, then back to B
Sock! Whiff! Gasp! Phew!

The bad guys know it's hopeless, so they all get up and leave
whenever they get wind of him -- Superhero Steve.

(c) 2006 Words by Eric Ode and Eric and Roseann Endres
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

G: 320003
C: x32013
D: xx0232
F: xx3211
Am: x02210
Csus2: x3203x
Am7: 02010
Bm: x24432

G                             C                   G                 C
Today seems like my lucky day with everything I do
   G                    C                     D
It started off this morning when I stopped to tie my shoe
      F                      C                 G                          F
And what do you suppose I spied on the ground right by my side?
   C                    Am                G
A lucky four-leaf clover coming through

D     Csus2            G        D       Csus2         G
Everything is going my way and I feel inclined to say
    Am7  D                G
Today     is my lucky day

I took my Daddy's shovel and I stuck it in the dirt
I worked that clover gently out so it would not be hurt
Then in that hole, beside a root, I found a lucky rabbit's foot
and put it in the pocket of my shirt

Bm                                  C
I dug a little deeper, I was almost underground
Bm                                              C
I kind of had to laugh at the box of lucky charms I'd found
Am7                                        D
There was more cool stuff down deep among some rocks
   G                F               C                           D
A horeshoe, a lucky penny and a pair of lucky socks

Today must be my lucky day, I feel it in my soul
and if I keep on digging I might even find some gold
But deeper on I realize, maybe this was not too wise
Now I'm stuck way down here in this hole

(c) 2005 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

(recording is tuned down a half step)

G: 3x000x
Cmaj7: x3200x
Csus2: x3203x
D7: xx0212
Em: 022000
Am7: x02010
Fmaj7: xx3210
Cmaj7*: x32000

G                                          Cmaj7
Every night, riding in the car I look for the moon
Mom and Dad, they've turned it into a game
So I count, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, ready or not, here I come

Where could he be? Maybe there, behind that tree

D7             G            D7              G
I know he's out there, I'll find him soon
D7               G        Em        Am7           D7                G
My favorite game is playing hide and go seek with the moon

In the morning, every now and then, I look and see the moon
He always wants to play that game
Sometimes he's a sliver, sometimes he's round
Sometimes he's hiding behind a cloud
Up and down and all around the sky

Fmaj7                                         G
Last night he hid so well, I couldn't find him at all
Same thing tonight, and I want to know
Where did he go, my friend the moon?

G                                      Cmaj7*
Over there, behind that tree... I see you

Traditional, public domain. New words and arrangement
by Eric and Roseann Endres. (c) 2005

G: 320003
C: x32010
B7: x2120x
Em: 022000
D: xx0232

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
C                                                      G
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
G                                  B7                   Em
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
         G                D                G
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Everywhere I go, I know, I'm gonna let it shine

Every day, all my life, I'm gonna let it shine

Audio commentary by Eric Herman and his wife, Roseann Endres.