Roseann Endres was Eric's beloved wife and the mother of their two girls, and also a huge part of his music career.  Roseann co-produced all of Eric's music, co-wrote several songs including many favorites like "The Elephant Song," "There's a Monster in My House," "No Big Deal" and "Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous," and she directed and animated many of Eric's videos, including "The Elephant Song," "My Lucky Day" and "Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard."

Roseann died on June 13, 2013, after a lengthy illness.  She and Eric would very much appreciate contributions in her memory to A Family for Every Child, or to your local animal shelter.

Roseann's obituary

An article written by Eric in 2007 about all of the ways Roseann helped him with his work.
Roseann with Dan Zanes (2009).
Roseann and Eric on top of the World Trade Center (2000).
The Endres family, as the Incredibles (by Roseann).