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Reviews of What a Ride!

"This disc's brimming with pop-rock ditties crafted to make kids giggle, like the saga of Dell the clean (and woefully misunderstood) stinkbug."
- Parenting Magazine

"To our minds, children's music doesn't get any better than this. Other CDs have come and gone in our household, but Eric  Herman's stay in heavy rotation - and his latest, What a Ride!, is among his best. This music is fun, funny, catchy, and optimistic. You just can't pout and listen to What a Ride! at the same time."
- Jenna, Punnybop

"This collection of 11 rock 'n' roll-driven songs will entertain the entire family. Herman's clear vocals, fun instrumentation, and deeper themes make this a must-have for every collection."
- School Library Journal

"Eric Herman's 5th CD explores the universe with catchy tunes like the title track. Silly lyrics, simple melodies, and interactive, fun songs make this album a blast for all ages."
- Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine

"Herman's humorous and heartfelt songs are fueled by keen observations of childhood, the knowing point of view of a parent and a sense of kid-pleasing fun."
- Lynne Heffley, Parent's Choice Awards

"Eric Herman has done it again - he's released another super-fun album with catchy song lyrics and danceable tunes. These songs are super silly and make my kids' noses scrunch up in laughter... Herman's heartfelt lyrics never fail to strike a chord in Mom's heart, as well."
- Megret, Muses of Megret

"Earnest and energetic, Herman writes hilariously catchy songs for the elementary-school crowd."
- Time Out Kids

"Eric Herman delivers a CD of wit and pop. What a Ride zooms around playfully through a universe of kid-centric topics with memory-sticking poetry and a pop-rock beat."
- Gregory Keer, Family Man Online

"A children's musician with parent appeal- and a winning sense of humor- is exactly what you find with Eric Herman on his new CD, What A Ride!"
- Parent Guide NY

"There are some terrific songs on "What a Ride". Herman moves with ease between full blown danceable guitar rock and sweet power ballads (not the cheesy 80's kind), all while making sure that the listener is smiling and singing along. "What a Ride" reminds me of the best music Blues  Traveler ever released - groovy, fun and extremely easy on the ears."
- Jeff, Out With the Kids

"The good thing about Herman's music is that it's music you can appreciate and actually enjoy listening to, while pleasing your kids at the same time. The lyrics are fun and heartwarming for older kids and especially parents, who can relate to a lint-covered cheeseball in the carseat or a child begging you to "Come Play" at 2 o'clock in the morning. Bottom line: What a Ride is a ride worth taking. Four stars."
- Jessica Dawson, Common Sense Media

"Eric Herman has consistently delivered pleasing pop melodies, funny and engaging lyrics, and a clean, crisp production that is easy on young ears. His latest CD, What A Ride, continues that winning formula with 11 amazing new tracks. Imaginative songs like "Time Machine," "Carseat Snack," and "How To Move A Monster," are the kind that kids just eat up. I've heard a lot of good children's music over the years, but I can't think of any other artist who has such instant appeal to the elementary school age crowd as Eric does."
- Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through It

"What a Ride!, is the perfect soundtrack to a family road trip, plane trip, or space travel. Contagious lyrics that spark imagination of wonder, flight, and space travel.  A must have for any family that spends more than 10 minutes in the car a day."
- Dr. Dolly Garnecki, Traveling With Baby

"What an album! This has become an overnight sensation with my 2-year-old. Thing is, you can't be sad while listening to an Eric Herman CD. They're all these whimsical, engaging, often funny songs. I catch myself listening to his albums in the car even when my daughter isn't with me. It's upbeat music that's not cloying or oversimplified."
- Jenna Glatzer,

"Fun, high energy songs... perfect for a vacation-style road trip."
- Tech Savvy Momma

"Silliness, creative lyrics, and guitar-that's what you get with Eric Herman and the Invisible Band.
While I enjoy listening carefully to the songs and picking up the subtle (and not-so-subtle) jokes, my four-year-old son, Ivan, loves the rocking beats and sing-along choruses. Something for everyone!"
- Amber,

"Exciting, envirgorating, energy charged & interesting for all ages."
- Courtney Hutson, One Bored Mommy

"Herman shifts back and forth between upbeat, play-it-straight-to-the-kids numbers and sophisticated ballads that could very well entice parents to croon along. No simple feat."
- Christopher Healy, Cookie Magazine

"Humorous, high energy songs. A musical adventure."
- Treasure Valley Family Magazine

"What A Ride! is a sweet ride that goes from the existential to the absurd and finds humor in the mundane."
- Tito Uquillas, Kindie Christmas Blog

"Whereas some kids' music makes me want to drive nails through my eardrums, Eric's music is catchy and fun without being obnoxiously repetitive or mind-numbing.  Even more important, though, my kids love the CD!"
- Brittanie, KidDesktop Blog

"The latest CD to spin in our car player, What a Ride by Eric Herman and the Invisible Band is, as my 4 year old says, much fun. With an independent sound, the music is a reflection of music we listened to in college. I can totally see dancing it out in a preschool room to Come Play! and Ants in Your Pants, and I love singing along with How Big. My son's favorite: Stink Bug."
- Julie, Mommies With Style
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"Take a while to laugh and smile and say, hey... what a ride!"

Go across the universe and back with Eric's coolest album yet,
featuring 11 great tracks including "Time Machine", "Heartbeat",
"Ants in Your Pants #99", "Stink Bug", "How Big" and more.