About Eric's performances...

"Eric Herman was a big hit with our students!
We are a K-6 school and it is a challenge for
a performer to appeal to such a broad range
of interests, tastes, and attention spans.
Eric intrigued our younger students, while our
oldest proclaimed him 'cool'.  His songs were
delightful and engaging and he adroitly wove
instruction into his performance."

Principal Christie Angrisano
Clinton St. Elem., West Seneca NY

"That was wonderful! It was absolutely
the best program we've had.
It was so appropriate and relevant and just
what school-aged kids need to hear.
It was awesome and no questionable content...
Love that! Thank you."

Alisha Self, Albany Oregon Events
and School Assemblies, Albany OR

"This show was AMAZING!!!!
Eric Herman is one of the most talented
entertainers i have ever seen.
The students (grades K-6) were engaged and
involved throughout the entire performance.
Eric was professional and a joy to work with."

Nikole Kepins, YMCA, Shandon CA

"A year after Eric Herman did a show here,
kids still ask me when he's coming back."

Nicole Doman, Producer
Shining Stars Festival, OR

"WOW! What a great show. Eric Herman has a good message and presents it in such a fun way.
Every student was engaged and involved thoughout. 
The K-6 teachers were very pleased and many
mentioned it was one of the finest
assemblies they had ever seen!!"

Dr. Karen Brock, PTA President
Lincoln Elementary, Mt. Vernon WA

"What a wonderful program!  The children
thought Eric's show was hilarious."

Ila Langner, Children's Librarian
Dr. Roberto Cruz Library
San Jose, CA

"Eric's assembly was very inventive and
the kids really loved it."

Ann Martin, Music Teacher
French Elementary, Colorado Springs CO

"I see a lot of performers and Eric's unique interaction and willingness to engage directly with the kids by getting into the middle of the audience, jumping on chairs and providing all-around silly fun is hands-down wonderful.
His show is one-of-a-kind children's entertainment, and his approach is professional, educational
and just plain fun!"

Michelle Hankes, Cultural Arts Coordinator
Everett WA

"What an incredible performer!  We had many great comments about Eric's show and can't
wait to have him back again."

Sue Randleman, Librarian
North Logan Public Library, North Logan UT

"Both the kids and the staff had a great time. 
We really enjoyed Eric's assembly and
I was glad to see a show that was so
entertaining that also had so much
really valuable content.  That's rare."

Kelli Schroeder, Principal
Bickel Elementary, Twin Falls ID

"Eric had so much energy and humor on stage and had a very enthusiastic crowd."
Lesli Opsahl, Cultural Programs Coordinator
Kent Parks & Recreation, Kent WA

"Eric rocks!  Our kids loved his energy,
songs and interaction."

Ruth Pike, Librarian
Wilsonville Public Library, Wilsonville OR

"Eric performed two fabulous shows at our library.  People of all ages... toddlers, teens
and seniors... told me how much fun they had!"

Tomi Whalen, Librarian
Oak Harbor Library, Oak Harbor WA

"Eric's shows were highly enjoyed by the kids, parents, caregivers and me!  It was lots of fun, just as promised."
Blythe Summers, Librarian
University and Wallingford Libraries, Seattle WA

"The kids really enjoyed Eric and his music. 
He has the skill of reading the audience and is very perceptive to students.  Not all creative people can interact well with children, but Eric can.  He has a love for kids and a willingness to have fun with them."

Marylou Moglia, Librarian
Broadway Elem., Spokane WA

"It was delightful! Eric's ability to relate to the audience was superb. He held us captive and let us become a part of the music and performance."
Gayle Peterson, Administrator
Discovery School, Spokane WA

"Everything went great!  The kids really enjoyed Eric's Thinking Outside the Box program."
Donna Hafner, Teacher
Maryvale Primary School, Cheektowaga NY

"We really enjoyed your performances and had many great comments from everyone.
Thanks for a fun day!"

Colleen Schofield, PTA President
Jason Lee Elementary, Richland WA

"It was great! The faculty and students all really enjoyed Eric's assembly."
Nichole Illig, Teacher
Little Valley Elementary, Little Valley NY

"What a great time we all had!  Kids and parents
alike were laughing, jumping and playing along.
I definitely recommend Eric!"

Mary Finney, Librarian
Pendleton Library, Pendleton OR

"We received so many positive comments about
Eric's energy, talent and connection to the kids.
The songs were full of humor and participation and I heard just as many raves from
the parents as I did from the children. 
They will remember his program for a long time!"

Anne Hallam, Children's Librarian
Coupeville Library, Coupeville WA

"We were really impressed with Eric.
He has a really good message for kids and he
presents it in a way that is fun for everyone.
I don't think I've ever heard our students
laughing as hard as they did today!"

Jon Peterson, Principal
Washington Elementary, Pendleton OR

"Fantastic! Very entertaining for all ages,
including adults."

Tricia Lindsey, Children's Specialist
Fountain Library, Colorado Springs CO

"Thank you so much for your lively and fun concert!  You pulled in the audience immediately and really connected with all the different ages.  The humor was spot on and the parents were enjoying the fun as much as their kids were."
Janay Mulligan, Youth Services Librarian
Silver Falls Library, Silverton OR

"Thank you so much for entertaining the young students at our school.  Our hope is to inspire character in all of our students,
and your program is a great link!"

Whitney Ross, Teacher
Side Creek Elementary, Aurora CO

"Eric (and his funny brother with the glasses)
gave us a fantastic show this summer!
Eric immediately found his way into
the children's imaginations and gave
a performance with a life of its own."

Annique Bennett, Cultural Arts Coordinator
Everett, WA

"Great, great, great, great show!"
Principal Christopher Arnold
Washington Hunt Elementary, Lockport NY

"I took the kids to the library today for one of the summer programs that they have on shedule this year. Little Man whined about it a bit thinking it would be for 'babies' and he wouldn't like it. Well he was wrong that's for sure. He loved it and so did all the others that attended, children and adults alike. The singer was Eric Herman. He is a hoot and the kids just laughed and danced along. He really involves the kids during his show. If you have the chance to see him when he's in your town then I highly recommend it."
Maranda, Zachary LA

"We have seen Eric Herman in concert twice
at our library and he is great.
Really fun, silly and entertaining."
AlisonCO, Colorado

"My kids LOVED Eric's show and haven't stopped
talking about it since.   We all had a great time.
If you have kids, or are just a kid at heart,
I heartily recommend you check out Eric."

Lisapants, Kent WA

"Thank you for performing a very fun, colorful
and witty show that the children will remember
with great joy for a long time!"

Kimberly Sprowl, Librarian, Dallas Public Library

"We are so lucky to have had Eric at our library.
What an awesome performance!
We would love to have him back again."

Carol Fick, Librarian, Woodinville Library, Woodinville WA
About Eric's music...

(What a Ride!)
"A children's musician with parent appeal- and a winning sense of humor- is exactly what you find with Eric Herman on his new CD, What a Ride!"
Christine Werthman, Parent Guide NY

"Eric Herman, where have you been all my life?
I have a PILE of children's music to report on that we listened to in the car on our trip to and from Portland, but this one must come first. Why? Because I'm so excited about him I'm about to rent an airplane and fly a banner around the entire state of Washington to let people know he'll be doing shows in Seattle."

Stephanie, Hear it, Love it, Share it

(Monkey Business)
"Monkey Business is one of the best kids records ever!  Herman has a tremendous sense of humor.
Boy, were my kids impressed. If you have kids my age (42) or younger, you'll want this CD now!"

Tom Peterson, Victory Music Review

(Monkey Business)
"Inspired, clever and nicely-produced
rock tunes that will at once have you
dancing in the streets and bent over laughing
with milk squirting out your nose.
If "Prune Juice" doesn't get you
moving, nothing will."

John Wood, Kidzmusic.com

(Snow Day!)
"Eric Herman rocks!
Fans of Herman's last two children's CDs know they can count on Herman for fun music that transcends the usual insipidity spoon-fed to kids and painfully tolerated by parents in other children's albums. Snow Day! makes for great car listening, a boon anytime of year. Musically, the CD couldn't be more satisfying. Herman and the band perform rock flavored with disco, calypso,
surf music, country-western and more with consistent skill and enthusiasm."

Rebecca Packard, The Entertainer

(Snail's Pace)
"Snail's Pace gets a huge recommendation from my family. A lovely new collection of mellow pop music that is just perfect for getting your kids to wind down at the end of the day.  Eric's new rendition of his classic "The Elephant Song" out-cutes the original. The new song that really stands out is "Scat Cat," a jazzy, finger-snapping tune about a prowling feline. My kids like just about any song about cats, but this one definitely delivers something out of the ordinary."
Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through It

"Eric Herman-- We are huge fans!!
We spend copious amounts of time on his site.
It is uplifting and appropriate; I love him as
well as my 6 year old and 1 year old.
The man rocks."

Stephanie W., Portland OR

(Snow Day!)
"Eric Herman's third release for children celebrates unanticipated interruptions in the daily routine, such as finding out that school has been cancelled due to a snow storm. This fun album features a variety of musical styles, from the movement inviting disco "Dance Like an Animal" to the reggae-styled "Hot Sand".
Kids will find these songs almost as much fun
as an actual snow day!"

Kirsten Martindale, School Library Journal

(The Kid in the Mirror)
"The whimsical imagination of a child will be awakened by these funny story-songs.
Herman's knack for imaginative production
draws equally from Sesame Street and the Beatles, which is sure to make him a
favorite among parents and their
discriminating youngsters."

Editor's Pick, Download.com

(Snail's Pace)
"These 12 richly crafted, fellow-mellow tunes
are just about perfect for wind down and sleepytime or anytime you have a
hankering for good music."

John Wood, Kidzmusic.com

(Snow Day!)
"Non-stop fun with an enormous variety of musical sounds and styles, silly voices, and wacky lyrics. There is a lot going on in Herman's music, but it's fun and enjoyable, especially for kids. I would suspect that even an 8-year-old who forgot his Ritalin would sit still and give his undivided attention to an Eric Herman performance. His writing is clearly geared toward elementary-age kids, but there is plenty here for parents to enjoy, too."
The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think

(Snow Day!)
"Herman has his finger on the pulse of what works in writing, producing and performing songs that appeal to children and adults alike."
John Wood, Kidzmusic.com

(Snow Day!)
"More thoughtful, reflective takes on what makes being a kid great. Herman's sense of humor is as keen as ever. Buy with confidence!"
Tom Peterson, Victory Music Review

(Snow Day!)
"It's taken me awhile -- three albums' worth -- to put my finger on how to describe his music, but I think I've got it -- it's a mixture of Shel Silverstein and the Beatles. If you're a big Shel Silverstein fan, definitely check this out."
Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

(Monkey Business)
"My kids love to listen to music. They also love to laugh. Combine the two and you're talking audio gold in my house. Eric Herman does just that on his Monkey Business CD. a hilarious collection of songs about monkeys, pirates, tongue twisters, and prune juice. Yes, prune juice. From the polished production to Herman's pleasing voice
to the clever lyrics, there's something here for kids of all ages."

Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through It

(Monkey Business)
"A delightful package of creative children's music that will not annoy the grown ups. 
Outstanding instrumentation, clever lyrics
and catchy melodies."

Bob Sylvestri, BestofWNY.com

(The Kid in the Mirror)
"I recently got a copy of The Kid in the Mirror and it is absolutely delightful! My kids loved "The Elephant Song" so much, I just had to get a copy of the full album and it didn't disappoint. Lots of great energy, humor, and (gasp!) artistry. It's like if "Sgt. Pepper's" was a kids album. And the best thing is that Mom and Dad both enjoy the album so much that the endless repeats of favorite songs are not ear-bleeding exercises
in patience."

Steven Stewart, Finland

(Monkey Business)
"A real treat! The songs are highly original... Simple and sophisticated humor that appeals
to both parents and kids."

Rebecca Packard, The Entertainer

(Monkey Business)
"I have been unable to listen to it much yet - my kids refuse to remove it from their CD player!"
Perry Shumway, Soda Springs ID

(Snail's Pace)

"Eric Herman has vaulted to the front
ranks of children's performers with his fresh
and forthright sound. This time out he slows
things down, balancing his heretofore raucous
catalog with soothing sounds. "The Elephant Song" is an instant preschool classic."

Tom Peterson, Victory Music

(The Kid in the Mirror)
"My kids' unanimous decision, all eleven of them... is that yours is the best kids' CD we own. Great songs, fun delivery, and great messages."
Kent Olmstead, Chandler, AZ

(Monkey Business)
"Monkey Business has some moments of inspired weirdness, which I mean as high praise. The album works in enough sly references and humor to amuse both the children and the adults."
Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

(The Kid in the Mirror)
"Children's music that appeals to adults as well. Whimsical lyrics and light-hearted tales.
A delight!"

Bob Sylvestri, Best of WNY

(The Kid in the Mirror)
"Eric is a gifted singer and songwriter
and an all-around entertainer."

Toni Ruberto, The Buffalo News

(Snow Day!)
"I was driving the other day and put your CD on because it was better than anything on the radio.
My kids weren't even in the car."

Karen Hartmann, Dorset VT

"Eric Herman rocks!
As a teacher and a mother, I listen to kids music all day, every day. At home, in the van, at playdates and in my classroom. It gets a little bit (a lot) sickening after a while. Eric's site gives the impression that both he and his music are super fun. The impression is accurate!
Eric makes amazingly cool tunes for kids.
I (and my son and even my husband!) am totally enjoying Eric's CDs and I have faith that you will too, even if you're sick of the usual kids' music!"

Nicole, Much More Opinionated

(Snail's Pace)
"Families looking for some relatively low-key music will find this a treat. Herman's vocals are earnest and his lyrics thoughtful."
Jeremiah McNichols, Z Recommends

(Snow Day!)
"A great CD for the car or home. The CD is very professional and Eric seems to have found his audience. I really like Snow Day! and my
guess is you will, too!"

Daria Akers, Momma Daria's Kids' Music Review

"I wish I could share my almost-2-year-old's way of asking for (Eric's songs) -"Box! Box! I wan' Box!" being the best example I can come up with. And the fact that whenever "Bounce and Flap and Twist" comes on, no matter what they're doing, they'll drop it and start bouncing. Many a fight has been nipped in the bud that way. Parents of small children, I highly recommend them all."
Lady Celtic, AZ

"I really want to see you again. I really like you. We saw you on Vashon. My favorite song is
the pirate song because one of the pirates
says "poop deck." I love you!"

Grace (age 4), Vashon Island WA

"Thanks for coming to the Payette Public Library on June 7. My boys - 5 and almost 3 - and I enjoyed your music again this year. :) I bought all three CDs and they were a lifesaver at times this past weekend. We drove up to Seattle and when the boys got too bored we'd pop in one of the CDs and things would quiet down! My husband even enjoyed the music and lyrics.
We appreciate your music and the appropriateness of it. It's great to have fresh music that our boys can enjoy. "

Cresenda G., Payette ID

"We received our packet of his music in the mail a couple of days before our family beach trip, and let me just say, what a lifesaver. It made a 10-hour-plus car ride feel like a lot, lot less…. We had so much fun with this music! We sang along with the songs we recognized, laughed at the tunes that were so very silly….and listened quietly to the ballads on his "quiet time" CD.
It's not just that the kids love his songs….it's saying something that (my husband) and I
love it, too! We simply cannot get enough
of the variety on these CDs."
Meg, Muses of Megret

(Snow Day!)
"This CD is one of our favorites. We have teenagers through 2 year-olds in our home and we all know all of the words. In fact, only the kids know how to pronounce 'Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous' correctly. Eric Herman's wit and clever lines shine through the verses and make the songs fun for the older listeners. His catchy tunes and rhythms make the songs fun to dance to for the younger ones. If you get a chance to see him perform live, the song "Hot Sand" will never be the same!"
Holly, Logan UT

"We love Eric Herman!  His videos are so fresh and original.  The kids love them.  I think the current favourite is "Snow Day".  They keep asking when it's going to snow in Malaysia, LOL.
I am desperate to buy some of his music."

Homeschool Malaysia
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"Interesting, inspiring, creative, fun, and educational without ever being preachy, Eric Herman's CDs and concerts are true family entertainment."
- Victory Music Review