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Does your child have a birthday coming up, or have special needs, or a have a joke, story or picture they would like to share with Eric?  Please feel free to contact Eric (link to the right) and he will respond personally, and may include a funny picture or drawing (probably made by one of his daughters) especially for them.  Eric is also happy to include a signed note with a personal message with any CD/DVD order.  Just ask!
Check out this page for the full schedule list with dates and locations.  When you come to a show, Eric will be happy to meet you and take pictures with your family, and if your kids bring a picture they drew of Eric or of one of his songs, he will gladly trade a signed note or card for it.
A note about song content/age appropriateness.
Eric and his wife, Roseann, co-produce his songs together, and they are intended for a K-6 audience.  For the most part, they are also perfectly appropriate to be heard by much younger children.  It has been very rare that Eric has received concerns about the content of any of his songs, but he understands that every song can be interpreted in different ways, and that some children may be sensitive to the context of a song, where most others wouldn't be, particularly if they do not understand it as intended. 

For example, [spoiler alerts] "There's a Monster in My House" (lyrics here) is about a father who snores, but if a child is fearful of noises in the night, they may not make it to the punchline of the song (where the father's snoring is revealed), before getting upset.  Another example is "The Tiger and the Zebra," (lyrics here), which can be used as a tool for parents to speak to their children about "stranger danger."  It emphasizes trusting your instincts to avoid strangers that seem unsettling, even if they try to strike up a friendly conversation.  But the context of the song has an all-too realistic ending for a nature channel special, and that may be too difficult for very young children to understand.  For younger kids, especially those who are prone to fear and anxiety, Eric and Roseann would suggest that parents listen to any media along with their children, at least the first time through, which can be a great shared experience and also help to explain any words or concepts they might not understand. 
Eric gets a lot of messages from parents asking when he is coming to do a show in their area.  The best thing you can do as a parent to help is to recommend Eric to your local school, library, children's museum, parks department, festival, etc.  Oftentimes, Eric will build a trip to an area just based on a single show that was scheduled to begin with.  Here is a PDF file about Eric's assemblies that you can share with your PTA or principal, and here's a PDF about Eric in general that you can share with other venues or event committees.  If you do share something about Eric with someone in your area, please let Eric know so he can follow up, and hopefully schedule a show there!
"It's not just that the kids love his songsā€¦ (my husband) and I love them, too! We simply cannot get enough of the variety on these CDs." - Meg, Muses of Megret
If you haven't connected with Eric yet through Facebook or his newsletter, please do!  He shares special contests and exclusive song previews, as well as news and pictures and other fun stuff.
"We have seen Eric Herman in concert twice and he is great.  Really fun, silly and entertaining."
- Alison C., Colorado Springs CO
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