Oct. 21, 2014: Pre-orders for Eric's first comedy sketch album, The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson, are now availableAll pre-orders ship with a FREE copy of The Elephant DVD! 

NEW VIDEO!  The first video from the Jupiter Jackson album, for "Monster League Baseball," is also debuting today on YouTube.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

CLICK HERE for more info about the Jupiter Jackson album, and pre-order here.
Sept. 29, 2014: NEW VIDEO! Check out the legendary exploits of the greatest cowboy who ever lived, "Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous."  CLICK HERE TO WATCH
Aug. 30, 2014: NEW VIDEO! The long-awaited video for one of Eric's most popular live songs.  This was the last video work done by Eric's wife, Roseann, who completed about 80% of it.  The remainder was done by their daughter, Becca (11 at the time).
June 3, 2014: Eric's first new CD in 5 years, Party Animal, is now available! Visit the STORE to order.
May. 28, 2014: NEW VIDEO! "November First" is the first video from Eric's new Party Animal album (releasing June 3).  This is a very fun and upbeat movement song, so get ready to jump, run and shake!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH
Jan. 20, 2014: NEW VIDEO! Eric's first new video in 3 years, and it's an amazing one, for his existential song, "How Big."  CLICK HERE TO WATCHUPDATE (June 29, 2014): There is now another new video for "How Big," showing the scale of the universe.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH
Nov. 11, 2014: Eric's comedy CD, The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson is now available!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER  You can check out a dedicated website for the album here and read a great review here.
Dec. 12, 2014: Two more new videos!!  Check out the creative "lyric video" for "Alive" and the hilarious "Math Game" from Eric's new Jupiter Jackson comedy album.
June 25, 2015:  "Scat Cat," a long-time favorite, featuring the amazing scat-singing of Sam Payne, is now a cool new video!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
Sept. 10, 2015:  New video for "The Dinosaur, the Dodo and the Unicorn"!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
April 4, 2016:  A new video for "What a Ride," with a lot of fun old public domain film footage, including legends like Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
June 14, 2016: Bubble Wrap is now available! Click here to visit the Bubble Wrap page and check out new videos for "Bubble Wrap," "Take a Bath" and "Phone."
Dec. 29, 2016: Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies will
now be known as "Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs."