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Monkey Business is the amazing second CD by Eric Herman and the Invisible Band.  The album has 14 original tracks, including new classics like "Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard," "Ants in the Lunchroom" and "Bounce and Flap and Twist."  The Invisible Band never sounded so good!   Hilarious, inventive, brilliant and above all, a lot of fun.
Monkey Business comments/reviews:

"Inspired, clever and nicely produced rock tunes that will at once have you dancing in the streets and bent over laughing with milk squirting out your nose."
- John Wood,

"Monkey Business is one of the best kids records ever.  Herman has a tremendous sense of humor.  If you have kids my age (42) or younger, you'll want this CD now!"
- Tom Peterson, Victory Review

"My kids love to listen to music. They also love to laugh. Combine the two and you're talking audio gold in my house. Eric Herman does just that on his Monkey Business CD. a hilarious collection of songs about monkeys, pirates, tongue twisters, and prune juice. Yes, prune juice. From the polished production to Herman's pleasing voice to the clever lyrics, there's something here for kids of all ages."
- Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through It

"Monkey Business has some moments of inspired weirdness, which I mean as high praise. The album works in enough sly references and humor to amuse both the children and the adults."
- Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

"A delightful package of creative children's music that will not annoy the grown ups.  Outstanding instrumentation, clever lyrics and catchy melodies."
- Bob Sylvestri,

"A real treat! The songs are highly original. Simple and sophisticated humor that appeals to both parents and kids."
- Rebecca Packard, The Entertainer

"I have been unable to listen to it much yet - my kids refuse to remove it from their CD player!"
- Perry Shumway, Soda Springs ID

"WOW! That's professional. So fresh and creative. Really reaching the child inside everyone of us."
- Fabio Vicentini, Italy

"All I can say is WOW! Thanks for what you are doing. My great grandchildren will really benefit from your music."
- Fran Curran, Norristown PA

In the Box
The Monkeys
Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard (chords)
Bounce and Flap and Twist
I Am a Robot
Crazy Over Vegetables
Picture Day
Prune Juice
Don't Bother Any Butterflies
Ants in the Lunchroom
Ten Times Fast
The Math Game
The Hero of Your Dreams
Rest Easy Now

In the Box
(c) 2004 Words and music by Eric and Roseann Endres

In the room where all my favorite toys and I would play
Sat a big ol' wooden box where everything could stay
When the time came every night to put those toys away
 I'd pick 'em up one by one as I heard my Momma say

Can you put 'em in the box?

I had a box of crayons 'cause you know I loved to draw
pictures of my family and the coolest things I saw
Once my work was on the fridge and everyone said, "Aww"
I picked up all those crayons and I heard this from my Pa

Can you put 'em in the box?

Many times your toys and things will come in their own case
And if you leave 'em laying out, then you run out of space
There's a place for everything, so put everything in its place
You can make a game of it or turn it into a race

Can you put 'em in the box?

The Monkeys
(c) 2004 Words and music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Back in 1963. High up in a jungle tree
Lived a group of monkeys who would sing in harmony
The sound they made was mighty fine
They banged on sticks and twanged a vine
People came from all around
to see those monkeys shine
There was Mick and Dave and Mike and Pete
They could really make you scratch your armpits
and stamp your feet

They sold out gigs wherever they'd go
Before too long, well whaddya know
Someone came and offered them their very own TV show
And week after week as the theme song would play
Everyone would sing along -  We're the monkeys, hey hey!

Audiences said, "What charismatic gents."
But the critics claimed,
"They don't even play their instruments."
But that wasn't true... Those monkeys could jam!

Break it down... Do the funky monkey!

The show was dropped in seventy-four
It had a good run, well that's for sure
So then they milked their fame for years
on an endless "comeback tour"
And the show still does well from the syndication rights
You can catch the reruns every morning on Nick at Nite

I'm in love...  I'm a banana eater
Take the last vine to Clarksville
Just another pleasant jungle Sunday

Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard
(c) 2004 Words by Kenn Nesbitt with Eric Endres
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Blackbeard and Bluebeard and Redbeard, they say
Hijacked a ship and went sailing away
Seaward they scudded and skipped on the breeze
But couldn't find treasure to plunder and seize

And a pirate without treasure is like a monkey
without a spatula...

So Bluebeard said, "Since we've nothing to do
Why don't we paint our new pirate ship blue?
Blue for the poop deck. Blue for the sails
Blue for the rudder, the riggings and the rails."

And he sang, "Yo ho ho, let's paint the ship blue
No other color's as trusty and true
As sure as I sail by the Northern star,
blue's the most beautiful color. Arrrr!"

Redbeard spoke up, saying, "Aye, but instead
wouldn't ye rather we painted her red?
Red for the cannons and the sodey-pop kegs
Red for our eye-patches, parrots and pegs."
(Parrot) Rawk! Pegleg.

And he sang, "Yo ho ho, nothing's quite like red
It's fearsome and fiery and fills men with dread
As sure as I sail by the Northern star,
red's the most radiant color.  Arrr!"

"Blackbeard said, "Blimey! You're both off the track.
Let's paint it something more handsome, like black."
"Blue!" shouted Bluebeard, and Redbeard yelled, "Red!"
Blackbeard said, "Black! Are you cracked in the head?"

And he sang, "Yo ho ho, give me deep, dark black
from starboard to port, from the front to the back.
As sure as I sail by the Northern star,
black's a spectacular color. Arrr!"

Redbeard grabbed brushes and buckets and paints
Over his shipmates insistent complaints.
Rather than letting him paint the ship red,
They got some blue paint and black paint instead.

Swiftly the three of them painted their boat,
each a completely dissimilar coat,
Making a color not red, black or blue;
Mixing, instead, an entirely new hue.

That was the last that was seen of the three
Simply because they refused to agree.
They weren't torpedoed or shelled or harpooned.
They just disappeared, for their ship was marooned.

And sometimes on a foggy night at sea,
you can still hear them singin'...

"Yo ho ho and a bottle of pop
We painted our ship from the bottom to the top.
As sure as we sail by the Northern star
(Bluebeard) Blue's the most beautiful...
(Redbeard) No! Red's the most radiant!
(Blackbeard) What? Black's the most spectacular color!
(Parrot) Rawk. How about yellow?
(Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard) Arrrr!"

Bounce and Flap and Twist
(c) 2004 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

I Am a Robot
(c) 2004 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

I am a robot, the best ever made.
I have been programmed to work any trade.
I can build bridges and I can fight fires.
I can untangle your stereo wires.

I am a robot. I process your need
with computations at maximum speed.
I make cool noises like buzzes and blips.
I drink some oil and I snack on microchips.

I am a robot...

I am a robot. I like to say "beep".
I tune my circuits when I go to sleep.
I was created with perfect design.
I talk like William Shatner and I walk like Frankenstein.

I am a robot...

And if my voltage should fall, plug me into the wall.
Robots are famous. Robots are heroes.
In math, we only have to learn ones and zeroes.

I am a robot, awaiting command
from any life form my sensors have scanned.
Here comes a human who smells of perfume.
She says, "Honey, can you clean up your room?"

System malfunction! Unable to complete command.

Crazy Over Vegetables
(c) 2004 Words by Kenn Nesbitt with Eric Endres
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Once I ate a carrot and I thought that it was good.
Then I ate a green bean 'cause my mother said I should
The green bean was delicious.
What a yummy thing to eat!
It made me feel adventurous and so I tried a beet.
The beet was simply wonderful,
my taste buds were aglow.
I think I'm going crazy and I thought you ought to know.

I'm going crazy. That's how I want to be.
Crazy over vegetables and that's alright with me.
I nibbled on some broccoli. Amazing! What a taste.
And now, the parsley on my plate will never go to waste.
I ate some squash and pumpkin, too,
as much as I could hoard.
It got me so excited, I went right out of my gourd!

I'm going crazy. But, oh, what can I say?
I'm crazy over vegetables. I eat them every day.

Well, you can lock me up in a padded room
and throw away the key
But before you go, please toss in a stalk of celery

I tasted some asparagus. What scrumptious little spears!
I was eating corn until it came out of my ears.
And now I'm eating artichokes, radishes and peas.
I've gone completely loony over vegetables like these.

I'm going crazy. It's crazy but it's true.
I'm crazy over vegetables. I love them. Yes, I do.
I'm going crazy. Try some and you'll see
that you'll be going crazy over vegetables like me.
I'm going crazy. That's how I want to be.
I hope that someday everyone is crazy just like me.

Picture Day
(c) 2004 Words by Kenn Nesbitt with Eric Endres
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Chelsea had some chocolate milk and spilled it on her dress
Jackson got his jacket ripped and really looked a mess
Emily and Isabella had a nasty fight
Alexander looks as if he stayed awake all night
But it's alright.

Today is picture day.  Today is picture day.
Dress up in your wildest shirt,
then roll around in a pile of dirt
It's picture day.  Hey hey hey, picture day.
Find the worst thing you can wear
and don't forget to forget to comb your hair

Abigail is absent as are Ryan, Ross and Ruth.        
P.J's in pajamas and Tameeka lost a tooth.
Brandon broke his glasses. Sarah's sweater doesn't fit.
Bailey has a bloody nose and Zoe has a zit.

Today is picture day...

We lined up at the wall and slowly shuffled down the hall
The cafegymatorium was packed
The photographer said, "Please, now everyone say cheese"
But we looked so bad the camera lens just cracked.

Then Principal Angrisano came on the loudspeaker,
saying that because of unforeseen circumstances
involving today's scheduled class picture...

Tomorrow's picture day. Tomorrow's picture day
We might as well try to look real nice.
It's bad enough to do this twice.
It's picture day. Hey hey hey, picture day
Find the best thing you can wear
and better have your mother comb your hair-
It's picture day...

Prune Juice
(c) 2004 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Prune juice.  Prune juice.
Makes you want to move your caboose.
If you don't drink it, you're a silly goose.
So, get loose with prune juice.
Get loose with prune juice.

Don't Bother Any Butterflies
(c) 2004 Words by Kenn Nesbitt
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Don't bother any butterflies.  Give ladybugs no grief.
Don't irritate the inchworm as it strolls along the leaf.
Do not besiege the bumblebee or set upon the fly.
If a spider walks before you, let the spider sidle by.

Try not to plague the locust.  Let the caterpillar pass.
Investigate no anthill with your magnifying glass.

Don't terminate the termite or antagonize the flea.
If a beetle is beside you, let it be, yeah, let it be.
If you should come across a bug,
you now know what to do.
For if you do not bug the bug,
the bug will not bug you.
If you do not bug the bug,
the bug will not bug you.

Ants in the Lunchroom
(c) 2004 Words by Kenn Nesbitt with Eric Endres
Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

Appearing this morning at quarter to nine
they entered our lunchroom and mustered a line.
They seemed to be dancing, or whistling a tune,
then ran out the door with a fork and a spoon.

They quickly came back for a knife and a plate,
not bothered at all by the size or the weight.
They grabbed all the glasses and cups they could find.
They bagged every bowl, leaving nothing behind.

Ants in the lunchroom

They worked through the morning, 'til mid-afternoon,
and carried off every last saucer and spoon.
They searched every shelf and they emptied each drawer,
then pilfered the platters and dashed out the door.

Ants in the lunchroom

People say that ants can lift things fifty times their size
Still, when they hauled off the pizza oven,
it was quite a surprise

They put on a truly impressive display
that everyone talks about, even today
Although we were puzzled, we had to conclude
those ants were no dummies; they left all the food.

Ants in the lunchroom

Ten Times Fast
(c) 2004 Words and Music by Kenn Nesbitt
and Eric and Roseann Endres

Just found out the news today. 
I got a big part in the school play.
Now I have just one concern...
I've got so many lines to learn
Took some advice from a kid in the cast.
She told me,
"To learn your lines just say 'em ten times fast."

Shave the shnauzer, Shirley.
Goodbye, bad guy.
Hoist the hose, Harry.
Pass those rusty scissors.

Take some advice from this kid in the cast.
to learn your lines just say 'em ten times fast

Monkeys make a mighty mess.

The Math Game
(c) 2004 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres
with Kenn Nesbitt

The Hero of Your Dreams
(c) 2000 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

The moon's shining bright. You're snuggled in tight.
Now close your eyes for sweet lullabies.

Lay down your head. I've made you a bed
of feathers and forests and fairy tales.
Of horses with wings and wondrous things.
Take courage, my child; the forest is wild
but you are the hero of your dreams

You fall into sleep with a promise to keep
the dragons at length with your valor and strength.

Be brave with your sword. Have faith in your lord
and you'll have the power to win the day
Though danger is near you'll fight through your fear
The dragons you see are no match for thee
for you are the hero of your dreams

These deeds you must take with you when you wake
You'll bravely defeat each dragon you meet
You are the hero of your dreams
You are the hero of your dreams

Rest Easy Now
(c) 2005 Words and Music by Eric and Roseann Endres

The sun, the moon and the stars are asleep.
The planes, the boats and the cars are asleep.

So rest easy now. Dream of happy things.
Wake to find just what tomorrow brings.

The birds in the trees and the fishes in the seas are asleep.
The clouds in the sky, going very slowly by, are asleep.

So rest easy now. Dream of happy things.
Wake to find just what tomorrow brings.

Every day begins again with the rising of the sun.
Then at night, the moon comes out,
and so the day is done.

The waters, the rocks and the plants are asleep.
The monkeys, the pirates and the ants are asleep.

So rest easy now. Dream of happy things.
Wake to find just what tomorrow brings.