The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson is the greatest album in the history of forever.*  With 65 minutes of comedy and music, it will keep you highly entertained for... well, 65 minutes.  But you can play it over again and again to discover more of the humor, and to see if anything on the album changes.  (If it does, call a doctor immediately.)

This album represents a sampling of programming from the notorious prestigious XYZPDQ Satellite Radio Network.  Operating since 1997, XYZPDQ has featured a wide variety of audio programs, including live sports events like Monster League Baseball and FIFA (The Football Institution of Furry Animals), game shows like The Math Game and Are You Smarter than a Chicken?, informational shows like Monday Science, Archaeology Hour and Putting the Fun in Funeral Arrangements, and the long-running serial drama, The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson.  This audio time capsule highlights a typical hour of XYZPDQ broadcasting, including contemporary advertisements, public service announcements and gratuitous product plugs.

        *- Subject to change until the end of time has occurred.
Eric Herman with daughters,
Evee and Becca. They've since had
their eyes examined.  (Heads, no.)

Eric Herman, the archivist of the XYZPDQ material (send him your complaints), has become well-known in the kids/family music genre for his music videos, which have over 50 million views online... especially remarkable considering that none of his videos include cats.  Eric's songs and videos have been featured on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, XM Radio, PBS Kids and in the Warner Bros. film, Life as We Know It, and he has performed over 1,500 shows throughout the U.S.


Jupiter Jackson
A clever spoof of sci-fi radio dramas
with a dramatic climax involving a
Featuring Keith and Ezra of Trout Fishing
in America, Eric Herman's wife, Roseann,
and voice artist, Eric Summerer.

Monster League Baseball
The 9th inning of the Underworld Series.
This is as exciting as baseball ever gets
(by far). Be prepared for alien invasions, curse balls, shark attacks, cliched athlete interviews, and (plate) appearances by Bigfoot, Frankenstein, and Darth Vader.
Guest voices include poet laureate,
Kenn Nesbitt, and John Hadfield.

The Math Game
A seemingly throwaway track from Eric's
second kids' music CD from 2005, the game show spoof "The Math Game" surprisingly became a favorite of many kids, and
inspired Eric Herman and his wife, Roseann,
to create the Jupiter Jackson album. 
This version is completely new, and features
Eric's daughters, Evee and Becca, as two of
the contestants, as well as Kenn Nesbitt
returning as "Kenn Pardo."

Electrical Storm
A breaking news story, which is repeatedly
interrupted by storm interference, which
encourages the listeners to fill in the blank
spaces, Mad-Lib style.  The responses can
be ad-libbed while listening or written
ahead of time on a PDF form.
Features radio DJ, Emily Flegal, as the field reporter, and Roger Day, as the Mayor.
Monday Science
An NPR spoof about time travel, where
Eric as the host visits with a quack scientist
and a kid whose time machine consists of
a refrigerator box. Then Eric moderates
a confrontation between Thomas Edison,
Leonardo da Vinci and a caveman about
who invented the first time machine.
Special guests include John Hadfield,
Rick Huddle and Vince Martino.

Archaeology Hour
A very serious look at the world of
modern archaeology. Nuff said.
Features Eric's bandmate, Chris Baugh.
Not necessarily Santa Claus.  (Maybe.)
Probably Eric Herman in 30 years.
(extended/featured tracks in bold)

1. The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson (Serial Drama)
   2. Eye Patch (PSA)
   3. Dozinoff (Ad)
4. Monster League Baseball (Sports)
   5. Wypitol (Ad)
6. The Math Game (Game Show)
   7. Scratchinoft (Ad)
8. Electrical Storm (News)
   9. Santa (PSA)
   10. Chilloutin (Ad)
11. Monday Science (Informational)
   12. Getawaysum (Ad)
   13. Dozinoff Again (Ad)
14. Archaeology Hour (Informational)
   15. America's Top 10 Million (Interlude)
   16. PSA (song)
   17. Time Machine (song)   
   18. Super Sugary Sugar Flakes (Ad)

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