"Eric has a really great message for kids and presents it in a way
that is fun for everyone.  I've never heard our students laughing so hard!"
- Principal Jon Peterson, Washington Elem., Pendleton OR


Eric's Bully Shmully program focuses on helping the victims of bullying by giving them the tools they need to respond to situations of criticism and mockery with tact and humor.  This empowers them to be more self-confident and diplomatic, and deflates the effect of those who are mocking or critical.
GOT CHARACTER?  (K-6)    PDF Flyer

In this powerful and entertaining motivational program, Eric starts with an idea that we are all familiar with, "you are what you eat," and then shows how we also are what we do, say and think.  Ultimately, we are what we choose, and Eric encourages students to do the best they can,
think positively, have perseverance, live
healthy, take responsibility, and to be kind. 
"One of the best programs I've ever seen for learning strategies to deal with bullying." - Principal Daniel DiDesiderio, Burkett Elem., Pittsburgh PA

"That was an amazing show!  I want to tell all of the schools in my district about this program." - Principal Paula Nelson, Seattle Hill Elem., Everett WA
"That was wonderful!  It was absolutely the best program we've had.  So appropriate and relevant and just what school-
aged kids need to hear. It was awesome and no questionable content..."
- Alisha Self, Assembly Coordinator, Albany OR

"Great, great, great, great show!" - Principal Christopher Arnold, Washington Hunt Elem., Lockport NY

The above programs are meant particularly as K-6 elementary school assemblies. 
Eric can adapt Got Character? to work more appropriately for pre-schoolers, and
can present both of these programs for church groups or religious schools.

Eric can also do his super-fun (non-themed) concert show at your school for a
year-end celebration, family fun night, fundraiser, or other type of special event.
Click here for info about Eric's concerts (not themed assemblies).
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