Back in 2007, when indie kids' music performer Eric Herman shared a little homemade music video called "The Elephant Song" on the still emerging YouTube, he never could have imagined the response it would get.  YouTube featured the video (almost unheard of for a children's music video) and it quickly went viral, and now Eric Herman's videos have over 30 million views and counting, there's a popular "Elephant Song" iPhone app, and a DVD collection is now available.
     The Elephant DVD has all of Herman's YouTube hits, including "The Elephant Song," "Dance Like an Animal," and "Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard," among others.  Also included is Herman's video for "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon," which was featured in the charming Warner Bros. parenting comedy, Life as We Know It, with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.  The DVD also includes the brand-new instant classic, "Steve the Superhero," directed and animated by Jason Doll ("Sesame Street," MTV).  There are 10 videos in all, plus bonus material, including live music footage and a jukebox version that allows you to just listen to the great Eric Herman tunes.  Herman also enlists the help of his two young daughters, Becca and Evee, who conduct one of the most amusing and intelligent interviews with Herman, who displays his strengths best in front of his pint-sized audience.
     Striking an incredibly entertaining balance between memorable songs, simple and colorful graphics, and clever humor and character, The Elephant DVD may be to this generation of kids what "Schoolhouse Rock" was to so many growing up in the 1970's.

The Elephant DVD comments/reviews:

"A hit with kids of all ages!" - The Dove Foundation

"We have always liked Eric Herman's music, but the DVD took everything to a new level. The DVD has all sorts of subtle, but clean, humor that is just not possible to capture in the songs. The movies are entertaining and my kids regularly ask to watch the Elephant DVD. I would recommend this to anyone who has children, or who wants to feel young." - Joseph Colton

"The songs are great fun and range from a quiet lullaby to fast-paced stuff. Clearly and thoughtfully aimed at children, but there's gentle jokes in it that adults will appreciate." - elenaom

"I bought this DVD for my nieces and nephews, aged 2-5. They all love it! My sisters told me they knew all the songs within a week and sing along with them all the time. They even said they don't mind watching with the kids since the DVD's aren't really over the top like so many popular kid's movies tend to be." - Regas Kogena

"My three year old son was entertained and I was able to watch the entire DVD straight through without interruption.  He's seen the DVD several times now and he's still enjoying it which is always nice.  He would probably enjoy the music on CD too since he likes to sing some of the songs now.  Overall The Elephant DVD was a surprisingly enjoyable experience as a parent.  The videos are simple but charming and have enough little touches directed at parents to help them enjoy it as  much as their kids.  These songs and videos are obviously made with a lot of love and that comes through clearly." - Jami Ferguson,

"In the mind of a five-year-old child, there's a lot of promise to this DVD -- it packs in ten music videos as well as some bonus footage that will likely have small children dancing in their living rooms. Was I dancing in my living room when I watched it? Absolutely not. And whatever the guy who lives across from me with the window that faces my living room says is a total lie." - Ryan Katona,