"Eric has a really great message for kids and presents it in a way
that is fun for everyone.  I've never heard our students laughing so hard!"
- Principal Jon Peterson, Washington Elem., Pendleton OR


Be prepared!

What can YOU do?

Big Deal or No Big Deal?

The Golden Rule

-1 + -1 = -2


"One of the best programs I've ever seen for learning strategies to deal with bullying." - Principal Daniel DiDesiderio, Burkett Elem., Pittsburgh PA

"That was an amazing show!  I want to tell all of the schools in my district about this program." - Principal Paula Nelson, Seattle Hill Elem., Everett WA
Eric Herman puts his immense talent for entertaining young audiences to great use in this K-6 assembly program, which presents a powerfully effective approach to the subject of bullying and taking personal responsibility for your actions and reactions.

Eric's Bully Shmully program focuses on helping kids who are being picked on or made fun of by giving them tools they can use to respond to situations of criticism and mockery with tact and humor.  This empowers them to be more self-confident and diplomatic, and also deflates the intended effect of those who are mocking or critical.

Bully Shmully
is a unique bullying themed assembly, eschewing the more common "Don't be a bully!" or "Bullies are bad!" approaches for one that not only deals effectively with bullying, but also provides a great framework for improving interpersonal relationships and self-worth.
There are several approaches to bullying prevention adopted by school systems.  This method is what Eric and his wife, Roseann, felt inspired to offer, but it may differ from some of the current anti-bullying methodology and rhetoric.  If this program sounds like it may be in conflict with your school's bullying approach or ideology, then it may not be your best choice.  Regardless, we encourage you to consider whether Bully Shmully might be worth sharing with your students as a method to add to their interpersonal toolbox.
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