Released 2016
1. Bubble Wrap
2. You Are What You Eat
3. Sunflower Seeds
4. Where's Saturday?
5. Phone
6. What I Want
7. Everybody's Watching
8. Fun Times
9. Take a Bath
10. I Wanna Be That Guy
11. Okay
12. Hello
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"A fabulous mix of music and fun.
I absolutely loved it!"
- Marilyn Panton, Storywraps
Photos by Darin Warnick.
Eric Herman hugging bubble wrap by Amy McFarlane.
CD cover by Adel Puskopi.
Bubble Wrap is a hard poppin' new family music album by Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies. Known best for his music videos (over 50 million views on YouTube), Herman's debut album with his full band is at once memorable, meaningful and masterful. Bubble Wrap's hook-filled songs hit on a variety of issues and experiences that its kid protagonist faces - obsessions with bubble wrap and cell phones, celebration of food, a comically extended avoidance of a bath, sharing sunflower seeds with a little brother, the blues of a Monday morning at school, an exhilarating trip to a theme park; and more weighty matters like stage fright, a best friend moving away, and even the death of a parent. Musically vibrant and diverse, with a voice and style unique in the kids/family genre, and including notable guest spots by Keith and Ezra of Trout Fishing in America, Mister G, Kenn Nesbitt, Roger Day, and more, Bubble Wrap will inspire repeated pops (into the CD changer), much like its namesake.

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"With Bubble Wrap, Eric Herman
is back on top of his game!"
- Jeffrey Cohen, Mr. Jeff 2000
"Incredibly vibrant and diverse music!
A unique album that touches my heart, and Eric's voice and style make this a must-have album in the family-friendly music genre."
- Jeanna Bellville, MommasBacon
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