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Eric's Party Animal CD (his first in five
years) is available now for pre-order.
Order now and get it at discount and
well in advance of the June 3 release!

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Check out Eric's new video (his first in three years) for "How Big."  Please share that with your friends and families and educators.  Eric will be releasing several new videos in 2014, including "Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous," "Scat Cat," "November First" (from Party Animal) and more.  Speaking of Party Animal (his first new album in 5 years!), Eric is releasing that on June 3.  Advance pre-orders are now available here!  Pre-orders will ship well in advance of the release date and are only $9.99.
Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies
Eric Herman and Puppy Dog Dave
"Inspired, clever and nicely produced rock tunes that will at once have you dancing in the streets and bent over laughing with milk squirting out your nose." -