"Inspired, clever and nicely produced rock tunes that will have you dancing in the street and laughing with milk squirting out your nose." - Kidzmusic.com
"I see a lot of performers and Eric Herman's show is hands-down wonderful,
one-of-a-kind children's entertainment!" - Michelle Hankes, Event Coordinator
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Over 50 million views on
Cowboy Bergaleoukaleopaleous
Monster in My House
November First
How Big
Eric is back in 2014 with several amazing new videos! Click on an image or visit the VIDEOS page for a full playlist.
In 2014 Eric released his first music CD in 5 years, Party Animal, and his first comedy sketch album, The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson! Click the images for more info, or visit the STORE page to order.
Party Animal
(NAPPA Award Winner!)
The Incredibly Spaced-Out
Adventures of Jupiter Jackson
Monster League Baseball
1,500+ shows performed across the U.S.
Free MP3 in every issue!
8 acclaimed, award-winning CDs/DVD.
Solo, duo or 5 piece band.
2 powerful K-6 assemblies.
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Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies
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Eric Herman and Puppy Dog Dave
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Eric and his daughters, Becca and Evee.
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PRE-ORDER Eric's Jupiter Jackson comedy sketch album through Nov. 10 and receive a copy of his Elephant DVD, included FREE!!